The Legend of the Place

Welcome to the Ancient Drepanum, to the Old Court of Waterlilies, where art and culture are mixing with a magical atmosphere accompanied by the scents of fruits and flowers all year round.

leggenda di talia-anticacorte-trapaniThanks to Alberto Lori – Storical Italian Television journalist, historical voiceover RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana – who honored us reading the legend of Talia, to “Antica Corte delle Ninfee”.



“It is said that on the night of full moon in the waters of the ancient garden tub, was born a Nymph* called Talia.

She was incredibly beautiful, so God wanted to honor her entrance to the world by creating colorful and fragrant flowers blooming in every season.

Talia grew up in the enchanted place spending her days playing among the butterflies, dragonflies and fishes of the tank.

God knew that such a beauty and such a goodness should not be kept closed, so then a day a strong wind opened the door of the enchanted garden and the outside world could admire his Creature.

Passing people had stopped to contemplate the charm of Talia and the magic of the place.

Talia with her gentle soul gifted everybody with words of hope and kindness.

One day a prince from East passed here and enchanted by the beauty of the nymph fell in love with her.

Talia shared his feelings, so she gave the prince promises of love, gifted fresh exquisite fruits and most beautiful flowers of the garden.

God, for fear that the prince carried away with him Talia, turned it in Leo, so he continued to reign in the enchanted garden protecting Talìa. The story was spread around the world and people from different countries came to admire in Ancient Court and Talia.

Time passed and the story became a legend.

Today it is said that Talia for the memory of her outstanding life was transformed into the most beautiful white lily of the ancient bath, giving light to all the others.

The lion enchanted to protect the Court of Talia was turned into a stone statue, so he continued to monitor Talia and the Court of delights. “

*Nymph – a young beautiful girl, mythological figure that is born from the waters, also may mean the flower of lily or lotus flower, symbol of transformation, growing from dark mud under the water and looking for the light they live in. It opens daily donating all its beauty to the world.

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